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UPK4 Program

Home of NYC’s only Greek dual language program!

The A. Fantis Pre-K for All in Brooklyn Heights is located near Atlantic Avenue and Court Street. All subway lines are accessible within a 10-minute walk or less.

Fantis Pre-K for All offers two UPK4 classrooms—Greek dual language and traditional. Both classrooms are identical, except that the dual language class will eventually conduct half the day in Greek and half in English.

Play-based instruction emphasizing social-emotional growth with daily outdoor play and second language learning ensure kindergarten readiness. Many UPK4 students stay in our extended day program and play in daily after-school clubs, including soccer, cooking and chess. For more information, check out our Preschool Overview and Curriculum.

All families are encouraged to apply, as the dual language classroom is half Greek and half English speaking families. With just one PreK-3 class rising to two UPK4 classes, there are seats available for the community. Simply apply via myschools and select both programs—dual language and traditional—as your top two choices if Fantis is your preferred program.

What is our Greek dual-language program?


Families must apply separately for Dual Language Program: Greek or English

  • Greek speaking families can range in exposure & usage
  • Select both programs if Fantis is top choice


Aim for a 50/50 balance of children whose home language is English and children whose home language is Greek—of varying levels of ability.


Equally in Greek & English, with the goal of enabling all children to become bilingual & biliterate during their education. Learn more


Ongoing research demonstrates the ample benefits of bilingualism beyond language fluency, including better executive functioning and cognitive flexibility. Our learners will more fully experience the rich culture and history of Greece through the language and traditions.

Meet Our Team

Patty Paravalos

PK3 Teacher

Evelyn Conde

Teacher Assistant

Aphrodite Dikeakos

UPK4 DL Teacher

Janet LaCorte

UPK4 Teacher

Maria Hohlastos

Teacher Assistant

Matina Demeli

Assistant Teacher
A. Fantis Logo

Haley Wynne

Teacher Assistant

Merkourios Moschovis

Physical Education Teacher
A. Fantis Logo

Theo Alvanos

Music & Performing Arts

Taso Gementzopoulos

Art Teacher

Sample Schedules

Why learn Greek?

Over 60 percent of all English words have Greek or Latin roots. In the vocabulary of the sciences and technology, the figure rises to over 90 percent. Indeed, we speak and write Greek every day without realizing it. Western democracy is based on ancient Greek ideals and universal values, from Plato to Hippocrates. We all can better appreciate our own language and culture through the careful study of the Greek language and Hellenism. In addition, learning a second language has many social and cognitive benefits, beyond simple language acquisition.
Research has shown the positive influence of learning another language has on the development of the brain and a child’s intellectual abilities. Our Greek Language and Hellenic Studies curriculum is academically rigorous and provides students with an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning that is engaging, meaningful and important.

What our parents say

It is a great community because the teachers and staff deeply care for the children. I love the academic excellence, lots of fun activities, after-school clubs, and special events!

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