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After-School Life

School life does not end at dismissal

Beyond The Bell

Beyond the Bell is a natural extension of the school day for students from dismissal until 6:00. It is an open and interactive environment where children of mixed ages share a snack and activities together. Our program works with students in all grades with specific activities that are age appropriate, including:

  • Homework Assistance for K-8 students
  • Story time and independent reading
  • Outdoor play on Rooftop Playground
  • Recreational Time in Gymnasium
  • Arts & Crafts Projects
  • Board Games, Blocks & Free Play
  • Snack Time

Early Morning Drop-off

Elementary and Middle School students may arrive as early as 7:35 am for free play in the gym or breakfast and conversation in the cafeteria, free of charge.

After-School Clubs

Fantis has partnered with several quality organizations to expand and enhance our menu of after-school clubs. PK3-8th grade students now have daily options to choose from for fall, winter and spring terms. Examples include:

  • PreK Soccer, Cooking, Basketball, Book Adventures, and Inventors Workshop
  • Lower School Karate, Swimming, Chess, Greek Dance, Art, Basketball, Soccer, Coding
  • Upper School Photography, Basketball League, Advanced Coding, Advanced Art

Private Music and Voice Lessons

Private individual lessons for piano, guitar, violin and voice are available with a variety of experienced instructors. All classes are held on-site.

Enrichment and Tutoring

Individual and group tutoring lessons occur throughout the year. Fantis teams compete in the Science Olympiad, MathCounts Competition, Billion Oyster Project and Noetic Math Competition.

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