5-Year Strategic Plan

Intentionally broad and ambitious, the plan aims to take Fantis to an even higher level.

During the 2018-2019 school year, a strategic planning committee was formed to review the current state of the school, identify national and international best practices in education and develop a clearly articulated vision of the Fantis graduate, along with faculty norms and values. The A. Fantis five-year strategic plan was the result of these efforts. In working closely with faculty, students, families and community partners, the committee carefully reviewed the current state of the school and its history to crystallize the vision of a Fantis graduate and exemplary school community that paid tribute to the school mission while preparing for the future. The committee then created a roadmap over the next five years across several key domains. The initiatives, intentionally broad and ambitious, were set by the committee and shared with the community in order to take the school to an even higher level. We invite you to explore our plan in more depth.

Orthodox Christian Values

Faith, prayer and worship encourage students to devote themselves to the principles of living a life dedicated to God, loving one another and service to the greater community.

Finance & Advancement

Multifaceted marketing and rebranding campaign to increase enrollment of target students and ensure long-term financial stability of the school, while activating the alumni network and grant opportunities.

School Brand Awareness

Establish A. Fantis as a premier educational institution in the highly competitive NYC market, rooted in Philhellenism and the Hellenic ideals of pursuit of knowledge, appreciation of the arts and civic responsibility.

Governance & Capacity

Recruit diverse and talented individuals committed to advancing the short- and long-term strategic vision.


Upgrade and modernize parts of the A. Fantis campus to enhance learning, improve school life and increase community outreach.

Innovative Instruction

World-class, pioneering learning environments – influenced by Ancient Greek Paideia – challenge and invigorate students that instill critical habits of mind, spirit and body.

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