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A. Fantis School

"Ranked New York's
#1 PreK-8 Private School"
Fantis is a small private school in Brooklyn Heights from preschool to eighth grade. World-class teachers, small classes, and personalized learning help students enter NYC’s top high schools. Strong character education, second language fluency and vibrant after-school programs are foundations of school life.
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Our Approach

Where love for learning begins

Personalized Instruction

Average classes of 15 students allow teachers to know each child as an individual—building strong relationships that catapult academic success in NYC's top ranked private school.

Focus on the Whole Child

Classical Greek Education emphasizes the intellectual, social, moral and physical development to ensure all children reach their fullest potential.

Inspired Learning

Pre-K play-based instruction leads to Socratic Seminar in middle school. Our curriculum delivered by world-class faculty develops critical, flexible thinkers who succeed in New York's top high schools.

Our Programs

Lifelong learners, lifelong friends


Vibrant, joyful Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 classrooms with play-based instruction capture children’s natural curiosity and wonder. Social emotional growth and daily outdoor play ensure preschoolers are kindergarten-ready.

Elementary School

Kindergarten through 5th graders thrive in a cheerful and structured environment that prepares them for success in the top private elementary school in Brooklyn.

Middle School

Advanced high-school level courses build the academic rigor and independence required to succeed in New York’s top-ranked middle school.

Our Results

Graduates enter premier high schools fluent in Greek with strong faith as foundation

High School Coursework

Personalized learning and a rigorous curriculum help 8th graders complete five high school level courses, giving them an advantage to graduate high school with an advanced diploma.

Second Language Fluency

Daily study from pre-k allows students to graduate fluent in Greek—a foundational language impacting not only the English language but architecture, medicine, education, philosophy, law, and literature.

Grounded in Faith

Character education, service to others, and an ongoing focus on compassion and empathy sets a foundation that serves our graduates for a lifetime.

Why learn Greek?

Over 60 percent of all English words have Greek or Latin roots. In the vocabulary of the sciences and technology, the figure rises to over 90 percent. Indeed, we speak and write Greek every day without realizing it. Western democracy is based on ancient Greek ideals and universal values, from Plato to Hippocrates. We all can better appreciate our own language and culture through the careful study of the Greek language and Hellenism. In addition, learning a second language has many social and cognitive benefits, beyond simple language acquisition.
Research has shown the positive influence of learning another language has on the development of the brain and a child’s intellectual abilities. Our Greek Language and Hellenic Studies curriculum is academically rigorous and provides students with an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning that is engaging, meaningful and important.

Our Home

From rooftop playground to gymnasium, the school’s facilities and location help students thrive

Rooftop playground

Sunlight, fresh air, and outdoor play are key components to growing up healthy and staying recharged


Daily recess, physical education classes, after-school sports and clubs are important parts of school life.

Patio garden

The outdoor garden patio just outside our classrooms offers beautiful green space for gardening, science or just reading outside.

Meeting Space

Whether for morning assembly, meals, special events or performances, students gather daily to share experiences, make memories, or simply be together.

Vibrant Classrooms

Curated libraries, digital tools and carefully selected materials empower student learning and spark curiosity.


Whether it is a performance, chapel, or special event, it all starts in our spiritual home of Saints Constantine & Helen Cathedral.

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What Our Parents say
Our daughter is so incredibly happy and faces each day with such enthusiasm. She gets up so early to get into school and be the first there. She has grown into a child we are so proud of. What we realize more than the excellence in the academics is the nurturing, loving, safe environment which has guided her since she was three. There is no way to fail when you have so many hands ready to catch you.
Parent '21
What Our Parents say
I love the sense of community. I also think the school has done an excellent job of maintaining a high standard of education while also making sure the core values are always integrated into their daily education. The school has also done an excellent job with diversity given its size. Developing children to be smart and good citizens of the world.
Parent '29
What Our Parents say
Our son’s grades and overall learning have excelled at this school. The personalized attention because of the class size is a plus. Learning about greek culture and language is a unique experience in this city.
Parent '24
What Our Parents say
My daughter has completely blossomed at A. Fantis. The teachers, staff, and parent community are phenomenal, and I love the emphasis on character and values
Parent '32
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