Cultural Exchange Program

Beyond language acquisition, students experience and build an appreciation for classical Hellenic culture that lasts a lifetime.

Exploration of culture begins in preschool, from special holidays to Aesop’s fables. Through the study of language with teachers professionally trained in Greece, students also learn about different cultural norms and traditions. Food, music and dance are embedded throughout, as are celebrations and holidays both large and small. In primary school, students use their reading and writing skills to share letters to students in Greece. In middle school, pen pals use vlogs and Skype to communicate.

Why read about Greece in a textbook when you can see it for yourself?

The 8th Grade Trip to Athens can be considered the culmination of an A. Fantis education. The week-long excursion brings to life what many A. Fantis students have been studying since kindergarten—language, mythology, history and arts of Classical Greece.  Students visit archaeological and religious sites in Athens, Delphi, Cap Sounio, and Mycenae. Fantis students meet with their friends in both private and public schools of Athens. A. Fantis students also present on life in New York City and Greek-American schools in the United States. Lively Q&A include topics like favorite music, sports and school subjects. The eighth graders also perform Greek dances with their new friends, and introduce the Greek middle schoolers to American line dancing. Upon return, Fantis students share their trip with the entire school community and prepare to host the Greek students when they visit New York.

The launch of the cultural exchange program has given the eighth graders of A. Fantis a deeper comprehension and appreciation of Greece.

Ms. Vasileiadou
Hellenic Studies Chair