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Vibrant, joyful classrooms and play-based instruction capture children’s natural curiosity and wonder

The preschool years are an age of magic, wonder and exploration. You will find vibrant, thriving classrooms full of joy. The A. Fantis preschool (prek3 and prek4) is founded on building a nurturing and loving environment where we support our preschoolers to flourish physically, socially, emotionally, and academically. Our faculty are trained to nurture students’ inherent curiosity and advance academic growth with scaffolded questioning, concept development and language modeling.

After 40 years in early childhood education, I am still inspired every time I step into a preschool classroom. Here, in an environment created just for them, young children explore, play and create, developing self confidence and a joy of learning that will prepare them for their future education.

Randie Bader
Preschool Education Director
Classrooms are safe communities where laughter is heard often, children can explore and take risks, challenges are faced and mistakes are part of the learning process.
  • Full-day, five days per week preschool program
  • Beyond the Bell after-school care available until 6:00 daily
  • 7:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Over a dozen afterschool clubs including: soccer, chess, tennis and cooking
  • Weekly specials include Art, Music, Physical Education
  • Rooftop playground and full gymnasium for daily movement
  • Enriching monthly field trips include Brooklyn Robot Foundry or in-house events like live animal shows from the Nature Company
Our preschool program meets students where they are and supports knowledge acquisition through play based instruction and intentional learning environments, while maintaining their inherent love for learning and building autonomy.
  • Play-based instruction within thematic units of study
  • Individualized learning goals ensure students are prepared for kindergarten and beyond
  • Literature and language rich environment in both English & Greek
  • Daily Greek language instruction
  • Whole child focus: cognitive, physical, social and emotional goals
  • Check out our full preschool curriculum
Daily movement and play is crucial, not only for physical development, but for social and cognitive growth as well. Fantis preschool students enjoy:
  • Daily play every morning and afternoon on rooftop playground or gymnasium
  • Weekly classes guided by the Physical Education Teacher
  • Music and movement integrated daily in the classroom
  • After-school club options: tennis, soccer, swimming and more
Relationships are at the core of a successful learning community. Our school counselor supports preschool students, families and teachers with social-emotional learning across five key domains —self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.
  • Daily morning meeting and closing circle
  • Workshops led by school psychologist focused on supporting parents with toddler development
  • Cooperative learning structures, such as “Turn to Your Partner”
  • Developing relationships beyond the classroom with Middle School Book Buddies
  • Teachable Moments include empathy, responsible decisions, and overcoming fear
A strong school-home partnership is critical to the success of preschoolers.
  • Ongoing family involvement, including special guest readers, chaperoning trips, and monthly family events
  • Active PTO involvement includes volunteer opportunities and class parents
  • Teachers use a secure communication app where they can post photos, news, and volunteer signups, while parents can group message and setup playdates.
  • Families and caregivers meet families daily to check-in

Meet Our Team

Patty Paravalos

PK3 Teacher

Evelyn Conde

Teacher Assistant

Aphrodite Dikeakos

UPK4 DL Teacher

Janet LaCorte

UPK4 Teacher

Maria Hohlastos

Teacher Assistant

Matina Demeli

Assistant Teacher
A. Fantis Logo

Haley Wynne

Teacher Assistant

Merkourios Moschovis

Physical Education Teacher

Theo Alvanos

Music & Performing Arts

Taso Gementzopoulos

Art Teacher

What our parents say

My daughter has completely blossomed at A. Fantis. The teachers, staff, and parent community are phenomenal, and I love the emphasis on character and values.

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