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Religious Studies

Beyond catechism or history lesson, religious instruction provides students a hands-on and multi-disciplinary approach to learning about the faith.

Religious Studies at A. Fantis is built to provide students a full appreciation of the Orthodox Christian Faith and its values. By studying the full breadth and depth of the faith, students will leave Fantis with a fuller understanding of the church and their relationship with Jesus Christ. The curriculum is built to focus on different tenets of the faith throughout the career of a student at Fantis.

Our younger students begin by learning about and exploring the basics of the Christian Faith, learning simple prayers and what prayer means. As they proceed through the grades, they learn about the many different aspects of the Orthodox Christian faith including the sacraments, liturgical hymns, the major feasts of the church, iconography and the liturgical cycle of the year.

As they reach Middle School, our 7th and 8th grade students focus on the Orthodox Christian faith through their eyes. By using Project-Based Learning, we allow our students to bring to the forefront of their education questions and areas of learning about the church that they find relevant or that they want to know more about. Working together in teams, they engage in self-directed studies into these areas to learn and present about their individualized topics. This approach allows the students to drive the curriculum and increases ownership of their learning, as they are able to explore parts of the religion that they are most curious about.

Religion class at Fantis is more than a catechism or a history class, it is fully developed to give students a hands-on approach to learning about the faith, and truly owning that faith themselves.
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