Student Support

Relationships are at the core of a successful learning community.

Through the implementation of the Caring School Community program, A. Fantis students learn to foster warm and caring relationships staff, families and each other. This is possible by spending time each day to better know and appreciate each other, including interests, opinions and ideas. Students develop the skills and dispositions needed to interact positively and constructively with others by building caring relationships, direct instruction of social skills, and establishing a calm and positive learning environment.

Social-Emotional Learning: Our Approach

  • Partnering with Families
  • Ongoing communication about classroom events and student progress
  • Intentionally building relationships between all stakeholders
  • Ongoing Reflection
  • One-on-one conferences, Individual and class assessments
  • Climate surveys
  • School Discipline
  • Positive and proactive school-wide approach with tiered interventions
  • Focus on how to repair and learn from inevitable mistakes
Early Childhood
  • Daily morning meeting and closing circle
  • Cooperative learning structures, such as “Turn to Your Partner”
  • Developing Relationships beyond the classroom with Middle School Book Buddies
  • Teachable Moments include empathy, responsible decisions, and overcoming fear
Primary School
  • Daily morning meeting and closing circle
  • Weekly random pairing of students and class meetings
  • Cooperative learning structures, such as “Turn to Your Partner”
  • Developing Relationships beyond the classroom with younger buddies
  • Topics include team-building activities, character building, bullying and resolving conflicts
Middle School
  • Daily advisory meetings with homeroom teacher
  • Weekly one-on-one conferences with supportive staff
  • Topics include positive school experiences, welcoming new students and peer pressure
  • Service learning includes Middle School Book Buddies and other volunteer events

School Psychologist

Lisa Dubinsky, Psy.D., is the consulting school psychologist for A. Fantis. Dr. Dubinsky is a clinical psychologist who has been working with children and their families for nearly 30 years. She is on the faculty of the Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Training Program and The Parent Center at the William Alanson White Institute. She has been a consultant to various schools for 25 years and a psychotherapist with children, adolescents and adults for 30 years.

Dr. Dubinsky is available to students, teachers and families of A. Fantis throughout the year in a variety of contexts. Supports include consulting with teachers; observing classrooms and school life; leading parent workshops; and talking individually to parents and/or students upon request. Dr. Dubisky also leads parent workshops on a variety of topics, including: Setting Limits & Feeling Good About It; Talking to Young Children about Difficult Topics; and Helping Children with Transitions and Change.

Our team works closely with families to ensure each child receives the individual attention needed to be successful.

Fatema Hossain
Special Education Coordinator, 3rd Grade Teacher