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Parent Opportunities

A school is more than just a school when parents get involved.

Fantis is more than a school, it is a community of families. That is due to the dedication and commitment of our families and PTO. Relationships between parents, faculty, students, and administrators are strengthened by parent involvement in the volunteer opportunities. We encourage families to look for meaningful and rewarding ways to share their time and talents, enriching school life and their own. Volunteer efforts by all allow for extraordinary work to be accomplished, helping nurture friendships along the way, and ultimately is what makes our community thrive.

Ways to Get Involved

Become a Classroom Parent

Classroom Parents serve as the primary interface between the parents in their child’s class and the classroom teachers. They help communication flow within the school community. As a group they comprise the Community Committee of the PTO.

Chaperone a Field Trip

Spend a day in the Met Museum or in upstate New York with your child’s class. Fantis invites parents to join them on our class’s monthly excursions, as part of the Classroom NYC initiative.

Visit the Classroom

Be a guest reader, or listen to your child’s stories at a publishing party. From Poetry Recitals to International Day, there is always an opportunity to visit the school and see the amazing work your child is doing.

Join the PTO

The PTO is a bedrock of the A. Fantis community. Beyond enormous efforts at fundraising for the HCPAC, new gym floor. The PTO is also an active social arm for parents and students. Volunteer for one of the many events across the year.
Register for a School Tour