Student Achievement

When students love to learn, they excel.

Fantis students attain exemplary results through personalized instruction, an engaging and well-rounded curriculum, and joyful learning culture. Classical Greek Paideia helps build active learners driven by curiosity. Attention to the whole child, including spiritual life, physical growth and social-emotional learning, has a synergistic effect. Grade 8 students take advanced courses in Algebra, Living Environment, English, History and Greek, which gives them the advantage for an advanced diploma in high school.

From preschool-grade 8, student progress is monitored closely, frequently and across several domains. Academic performance is measured both formally and informally, such as observation and interviews. Benchmark assessments administered at key points in the year provide a clear portrait of each student’s growth within, and across, the school year. Student growth is analyzed collaboratively in teams including the classroom teacher, Department Chairs, and administration. All results are used to inform instruction for students, classrooms and the overall school.

Students in grades 3 through 8 are also evaluated using the NYS ELA and Math Exams. These assessments provide useful data for classroom and school performance over time. Nearly 75% of our students are proficient or distinguished in English and Math on average, which is nearly double the NYC or NY State average. Fantis is on target to achieve 90% proficiency by 2021. Due to our advanced coursework, students are able to take the NYS Regents exams in core subjects at the end of the 8th grade.
Fantis student achievement isn nearly double the NYC average on state exams for grades 3-8.

Assessments have become misconstrued, largely due to an overreliance on test prep and standardized testing. However, when used strategically, with purpose and properly analyzed, assessments are key to helping unlock student growth because they tell you where the child is and where he/she can go next.

Theodore G. Tasoulas