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Educating the body is just as important as educating the mind—they cannot be separated.

Falcons Basketball

The Fantis Falcons are the middle school basketball team that competes in a league with boys and girls seasons. Practice runs all year, including summers, to allow our students to hone their skills.

Greek Dance Troupe

Our middle school dance troupe practices different styles of traditional and modern Greek dance. They perform throughout the year in school and off-site.They also compete in Parathosi, which is a celebration of Hellenic heritage and dance.

After-school Clubs

From pre-school to middle school, clubs allow our students to explore sports of their choice, including swimming, tennis, karate and soccer.

In addition to intellectual and cultural growth, physical development is a key component of Classical Greek Paideia. Ongoing research continues to support this focus. From preschool through middle school, A. Fantis ensures students are active and healthy. In addition to three weekly physical education classes, students are treated to two open periods of free play daily. Students in preschool through third grade receive an extra period. After-school clubs offer an opportunity to enhance school life and let our students enjoy sports individually and in teams.

This is one of the reasons that we extended the school day… With the additional time for recess throughout the day, teachers have noticed improved focus and attention in class.

Principal Tasoulas

According to recent press in Get Holistic Health, increased recess time improves student classroom performance.

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