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Preschool FAQs

Answers to the most common preschool questions.

What are the school hours and is there after-school?
  • Preschool begins at 8:10am and ends at 2:30pm. Our Beyond the Bell program extends until 6:00pm and includes snack, rooftop/gym play with a guided activity and free play.
  • Preschoolers have daily afterschool club options—which can include soccer, swimming, chess, dance, and art. Club selections change seasonally.
Is there a space to play?
  • Yes! Fantis preschoolers enjoy our rooftop playground several times a day. We also have a full court gymnasium that is used during inclement weather, for PE classes and afterschool clubs.
What if my child doesn’t speak Greek?
  • That is fine! Many students do not speak Greek before enrolling and it is not a requirement. PreK3 Greek language focuses on basic vocabulary with fun, daily lessons that include music, song and dance. Preschoolers continue their Greek studies in our traditional UPK4 classroom, which expands on this foundation, or families can opt for the UPK4 Greek dual-language classroom. The dual language UPK4 class is exactly like the traditional classroom, except that the school day will eventually transition to half-Greek and half-English once students are ready!
Where are you located?
  • A. Fantis is located near Atlantic Ave. and Court Street. All subway lines are accessible with a 10 minute walk or less.
Can I speak with a family?
  • Absolutely! You can contact a class parent here!
How do you ensure the health and safety of families and staff?
  • Secured entrances with video surveillance.
  • On-site school nurse maintains overall health and implements response protocols to all sickness/illness.
  • High quality air filters in all rooms
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms
  • Regular maintenance of the facilities, equipment, and supplies, updating and replacing items as needed 
  • Handwashing and sanitary policies to prevent the spread of illnesses
What are meal options?
  • All preschoolers enjoy daily breakfast, lunch and snack. Parents have three options: home-made, NYC provided, or order online at a local sandwich shop that delivers daily.
How long is rest time?
  • Lunch and naptime are 90 minutes daily. All students follow the rest routine, with most sleeping.
How do I register my child?
  • Prek3 parents apply via our portal.
  • UPK4 families apply through NYC’s myschools app. We have two offerings: dual language and traditional. If A. Fantis is your top choice, then apply to BOTH our PreK and Dual Language PreK programs as your top two choices to increase your chances.
Our child was placed on the waitlist. What are the next steps?
  • Both PK3 and UPK4 typically have movement before each school year begins. 
  • PK3: If you are on the waitlist, kindly advise us if you would like to hold your place. School policy does not allow sharing specific information about waitlist placement. Should the opportunity arise and a seat becomes available, we will notify you immediately.
  • UPK4: Fantis follows the waitlist provided by myschools in order.
What is the age cut-off date?
  • PreK3 : 3 years old by December 31 of entry year. PreK4 : 4 years old by December 31 of entry year.
What is the student to teacher ratio?
  • Fantis has a 7:1 student to teacher ratio. Preschool classrooms are capped at 20 students with three teachers.

What our parents say

Our son loves going to school and the teachers and staff are all so warm, loving and caring.

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