Fostering Success: Alumni Reflections on Their High School Transition

The teaching staff at A. Fantis have proven themselves to be exceptional in all that they do. We have been encouraged to discuss our children's performance...Each staff member that I have had the pleasure of working with has impressed me significantly.

Parent ‘27

We had the pleasure of hosting our inaugural Alumni High School Roundtable in February 2024! The event brought together ten of our recent graduates currently excelling in some of New York’s prestigious high schools. As a small school, Fantis prides itself on sending graduates to the best high schools— for them. From Philips Exeter and Dominican Academy to Beacon and LaGuardia, alumni came from far and wide to share their high school journey, providing valuable insights into their experiences. What left the greatest impression was their composure, thoughtful insights and maturity.

A. Fantis Alumni Roundtable Q&A

 The Value of a Fantis Education 

The alumni discussed the impact of education and the profound influence of the values instilled during their A. Fantis journey. Specifically highlighting the nurturing atmosphere, small class sizes, and rigor that significantly contributed to shaping their academic and personal development, preparing them for the challenges of high school. Participants also emphasized the friendships they formed during their time at A. Fantis, which continue to hold a special place in their lives today. 

Reflecting on her time at Fantis, Anna Hunt, a graduate of the class of 2021, a competitive swimmer and a junior at Beacon High School, acknowledged that the values instilled at Fantis persist and helped keep her anchored, even in a larger school environment where it is easy to get lost.

She also noted that the friendships forged at Fantis will stand the test of time. A testament to the school’s small classes and commitment to developing lifelong learners and lifelong friends, which develops not just academic excellence but character and values that resonate throughout life's journey.

Capturing the essence of our school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals and a strong sense of personal awareness, a parent observed, "You can see how grounded they are - they learn scholarship at Fantis." Another parent of two younger children expressed, "It's incredible to think that our children will grow to be these mature and well-spoken high schoolers." 

Alumni Success Stories

Among the attending alumni, Gabriel Tramontana, a graduate of the class of 2020 and a senior and student leader at Regis, was accepted Early Decision to Columbia University and aspires to major in Comparative Literature and Society. Lila Pfitzer ‘21 is a junior at Dominican Academy, and a President's List student. She attended pre-college at Brown University this past summer and hopes to major in psychology. Finn Kelly ‘23 is a freshman at Millennium Brooklyn High School, is actively engaged in the Millennium Debate Club and aspires to be a lawyer. Eleni Pitsoulis ‘21, is a junior at Fontbonne Hall Academy and is part of the Scholars Honor Academy, the National Honor's Society, Rho Kappa Society, and serves on the executive board of the History Excursion Club. Eleni is looking forward to pursuing a career in engineering, chemistry, and design. Showcasing a diverse range of ambitions and achievements within our student community, they embody the successful and seamless transition to a variety of top-tier New York City Schools.

Tips for Current Students

In terms of advice to our middle schoolers, our alumni unanimously stressed the importance of initiating the high school application process early and maintaining a proactive approach to ensure a thoughtful assessment of options. According to them, honing time management skills is essential to balance academic responsibilities and personal life, cultivating effective study habits and, if possible, partnering with a reliable study companion will help stay on course. 

Forming friendships was another common theme. They advised that it is a gradual process and stressed the importance of patience in forging meaningful connections. When confronted with challenges and uncertainties, they reminded our students to remain calm and recognize that growth occurs through overcoming obstacles along the journey. Lastly, they all agreed that Fantis seniors should relax and enjoy their remaining time together!


At A. Fantis School, we take pride in nurturing students who not only transition seamlessly to the high school environment but also excel in the face of even greater challenges. Our graduates have a proven track record of adaptability and achievement, showcasing their preparedness for success in a variety of high schools. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation that prepares students not just to tackle their academic endeavors, but to thrive. To explore the programs and learn about the Faculty that contribute to this success, we invite you to join us for an immersive experience and register for a tour where you can witness firsthand the supportive and empowering educational environment we provide.

About A. Fantis

A. Fantis School is a small, private, and inclusive Greek Orthodox school in Brooklyn Heights for preschool to 8th grade. Our graduates enter their high schools of choice fluent in Greek and educated in the Socratic Method with strong faith as foundation. Fantis recently celebrated 60 years by joining the top 1% of schools in NYC.

About the author

Ms. Sophie Delios, Parent '29 & '32, is the A. Fantis Outreach Director since the summer of 2022. She holds a Masters in Translation from ISTI/HEB, in Brussels, Belgium. She has a decade of experience in Translation, Marketing, volunteering in organizing events, fundraising, and serving in different leadership roles on executive boards.

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