Inside Scoop: A Student's Perspective on A. Fantis School's #3 Ranking Among New York's Private Schools

The teaching staff at A. Fantis have proven themselves to be exceptional in all that they do. We have been encouraged to discuss our children's performance...Each staff member that I have had the pleasure of working with has impressed me significantly.

Parent ‘27


My name is Korinna Vagelatos, and I have been the Student Council Secretary for the past two years. I am so eager to share the amazing news of A. Fantis School’s achievement in ranking #3 out of over 500 private schools in New York. It is no surprise to me to hear this incredible news because Fantis has prepared me for academic success in middle school and beyond. 

Navigating Middle School Success

Fantis Middle School Classroom

Since I’ve been at A. Fantis I have become a more curious learner and a more vigorous reader and writer. The support from my teachers has contributed to my overall success and the success of others. One teaching method that has greatly contributed to helping me learn in school has been the outlines and detailed rubrics so I understand what I need to accomplish clearly and what I need to adjust. In addition, the small learning groups and general class size have allowed me to receive more individualized support and one-on-one attention. 

Fostering a Culture of Excellence

At Fantis, we do a lot of project-based learning in social studies, math, English, Greek, and science. I recall that in sixth grade, my math teacher did a timeline of important events project before and after we were born to help us get a basic grip on negative numbers. The teachers at A. Fantis are very creative, especially when it comes to taking our everyday classes to the next level. The teachers at A. Fantis are extremely dedicated to taking the time to understand how each student learns and how to help them learn to their exact needs. 

The environment at A. Fantis fosters values of responsibility, leadership, and teamwork. A. Fantis has given me many opportunities to be a student leader. These leadership opportunities have helped foster my growth toward being a more confident person, more self-reliant, and a strong advocate for my needs and beliefs. I know these skills will carry over into high school and beyond.

About the Author

Unfortunately, I will be graduating from A. Fantis this June, but I know I will take with me a strong foundation for the love of learning and love for those around me. I was accepted into Fontbonne and Notre Dame High Schools on scholarship, but I elected to go to Xaverian High School’s Honors program. When I grow up, I want to be an English teacher because I was inspired by our Assistant Principal Lilikaki, who was my English teacher in 6th grade.

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