Early Childhood

Vibrant, joyful classrooms and play-based instruction capture children’s natural curiosity and wonder

The preschool years are an age of magic, wonder and exploration. Classrooms are vibrant, thriving and full of joy. The A. Fantis preschool philosophy is predicated on building a nurturing environment with the careful orchestration of materials, activities and support to allow our youngest learners to flourish physically, socially, emotionally, and academically. Faculty work closely to capitalize on the students’ inherent curiosity and cultivate their depth of knowledge and understanding with sophisticated levels of questioning, concept development and language modeling.

The A. Fantis preschool offers full-day, play-based programs five days a week for three and four-year olds that is uniquely adapted to bring out each child’s best. Our program allows every child to learn more about themselves and what makes them an individual, while also fostering strong connections with others. Social-emotional learning, a key component of a Fantis education, is critical in the early years. Preschool lays the foundations for developing self-awareness and self-management skills, social awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships, and capacity for ethical decision making and responsible behaviors. Classrooms are safe communities where laughter is heard often, children can explore and take risks, challenges are faced and mistakes are acceptable.

Greek Dual Language UPK4 Program

Split between Greek & English at a pace children can adjust to, with the goal of enabling all children to become bilingual & biliterate during their education. Learn more
Aim for a 50/50 balance of children whose home language is English and children whose home language is Greek—of varying levels of ability.
Families online via NYC MySchools and select the Dual Language Program.

- Greek speaking families can range in exposure & usage

- Select both programs if Fantis is your top choice (Dual Language and Traditional)
Ongoing research has demonstrated the ample benefits of bilingualism beyond simple language fluency, including enhanced executive functioning and cognitive flexibility. In addition, our dual language learners will be able to more fully experience the rich culture and history of Greece through the language and traditions.
  • Full-day, five days per week
  • School Day Hours: 8:10-2:30, with Beyond the Bell after-school care available until 6:00
  • Classrooms of 20 students with three teachers or 16 with two teachers
  • Weekly specials include Art, Music, Physical Education
  • Play-based instruction within carefully sequenced interdisciplinary, thematic units of study
  • Literature and language rich environment in both English & Greek
  • Daily Greek language instruction
  • Music and movement integrated throughout each day
  • Over 15 after-school clubs daily, including chess, swimming and cooking
  • Enriching field trips include Brooklyn Robot Foundry or in-house performances
  • Active family involvement, including special guest readers and monthly events
  • Expert Workshops and Roundtable Discussions focused on supporting parents and toddler development

After 40 years in early childhood education, I am still inspired every time I step into a preschool classroom. Here, in an environment created just for them, young children explore, play and create, developing self confidence and a joy of learning that will prepare them for their future education.

Randie Bader
Preschool Education Director

Why learn Greek?

Over 60 percent of all English words have Greek or Latin roots. In the vocabulary of the sciences and technology, the figure rises to over 90 percent. Indeed, we speak and write Greek every day without realizing it. Western democracy is based on ancient Greek ideals and universal values, from Plato to Hippocrates. We all can better appreciate our own language and culture through the careful study of the Greek language and Hellenism. In addition, learning a second language has many social and cognitive benefits, beyond simple language acquisition.
Research has shown the positive influence of learning another language has on the development of the brain and a child’s intellectual abilities. Our Greek Language and Hellenic Studies curriculum is academically rigorous and provides students with an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning that is engaging, meaningful and important.

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