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A. Fantis will be hosting a tour and information session every Friday morning from 9:00am to 9:30am. We look forward to welcoming you. - -
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The Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.) is a key aspect of an effective school, with every single parent and teacher a de facto member.

Like any other organization, the P.T.O. needs constant input from new people with new ideas. Please join them. Look out for their notices and come to their meetings.

With this in mind, the P.T.O. welcomes your presence at their meetings. Not only will you find out more about your school, but you too will have a voice in shaping its future.

One of P.T.O.’s most fundamental functions is that of a fundraising organization.

In addition to contributing annually to the Teachers’ Equipment Fund, and subsidizing extra-curricula faculty, the P.T.O. has been able to contribute substantial funds to recent renovations (the rooftop playground, a heating system, student bathrooms, the Greek Language classroom) and equipment purchases (new wardrobes for the school drama and dance costumes, drums for the student drum line, a defibrillator).

Through its various fundraising activities, the P.T.O. is also able to host several student celebrations throughout the year that mark major festivals in our school calendar.

For more information about volunteering or contributing to the PTO, please email the PTO (pto@afantis.org).

PTO Executive Board 2016-2017
PTO President: Deidre Robokos